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Beauty and the Financial Beast

Conquering the Beauty Beast
According to Shoshanna Delventhal's article, "Cosmetics Industry Disruptors Target Millennials," Contributor for, "the booming global cosmetics industry is now worth an estimated $56.7 billion, with skincare making up 36.1% of the whole...". As the targets of their product campaigns, we are the key to their profits, but where does that leave our pockets? Dry!

Like everyone else, I can't wait for the next palette to drop, and to spend my hard earn coins to say I got it first! As an Influenster, I test these same industry products out for free, but as a consumer, the cost can be astronomical for these same products, if I didn't find ways to lessen the blow. Here are a few ways in which I tame the Beauty Beast.

Investing As a Social Entrepreneur, it's imperative that I understand the value of my dollars, and with that said, I wonder how many, so called, "Beauty Gurus" own stocks in the very brands…

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